Our service strength lies in our motivated work force. We have created a high spirited attitude in the team by challenging, empowering, recognising and rewarding them. Our investment in training the team to view excellence in service as the norm helps them perform. We believe that good performance boosts self-esteem, and a sense of worth builds loyalty to the company and the customer. The benefits of this self- reinforcing approach results in the highest levels of communication, flexibility, quality and responsiveness.

We have always taken the initiative to show their appreciation to their employees by rewarding them with team getaways.

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At Sphinx, we draw inspiration from the ocean.

Vast and open, we are an organisation that takes pride in its workforce, which is just as diverse as the life found in the ocean. We are strong and rapid to move into the different territories of the event management business.

There are obstacles, yes, but instead of looking at them as disagreeable and adverse situations, we look at them as learning experiences, and plan out directions to navigate through them.

We have a rich work culture, promote equal opportunity for growth, and are always eager to create storms when growth needs to be accelerated. We realise that there is a high and low tide, and that the waves of growth may become small or large, but one should always cherish the growth.

It is our belief that it isn’t enough that clients only ride the high waves with us, they should also be willing to go deep and explore the beautiful, rich, diverse and cultural life at Sphinx to understand us better; just as we are eager and willing to understand them. At the end of the day, it only helps us to serve them better.

Vikram Waghray